Daschle Folds on Health Care; Limbaugh Says There's no Problem!

The significance of Daschle's abandoning the public option can't be overstated.

Mike Lux says what needs to be said about Tom Daschle's el foldo move against the public option, and it has weight because Lux worked for Daschle for many years. Caving to Republicans and the insurance industry in the name of getting "health reform" passed just won't work, particularly because you will lose every ally on the left and end up with absolutely nothing. And taking out the most popular part of the bill and the most tangible expression of reform that people can touch, feel and see would have the effect of turning it into dust.

It doesn't surprise me that a man who essentially is an industry lobbyist would side with industry over the people. But the other element here is this irrational fear of Republicans, who have lost almost all of their support in the country, are actually less popular than Dick Cheney, and yet must be placated in the good name of bipartisanship. I believe the metaphor that the President uses is "we will extend a hand if you unclench your fist."

Behold the unclenched fist of the leader of the Republican Party.

"Day to day, there is no health care crisis in this country"

And if you don't think Limbaugh is the leader of the GOP, here's the leader of the RNC, with his opinion of what health care reform would necessarily mean:

STEELE: Well you’ll get issued, Doc, you’re gonna issue, to your patients, a health care card that’s gonna be part of a national ID system that, you know, every time I charge something or use that card, it’s going to show up on a grid what I’ve done and what I have failed to do, according to the government plan. So the government will know whether or not I’ve had my physical at the appropriate time and then probably some health police will come knocking on my door telling me I’m now costing the system money because I haven’t, you know, gone and done my preventive care.

He thinks there's going to be a health care police. And the 76% of Americans who support a public option have to be pushed aside, because Michael Steele is just more serious.


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