Does Glenn Beck Even Know What Glenn Beck Says?

Why can't Beck stop making stuff up?

Or are there many Glenn Becks with nationally syndicated radio shows running around saying lots of different things, and that's what's causing the confusion?

Or maybe Beck can't stop making stuff up. (We're betting No. 2.)

From Beck's online chat:

During the Iraq War, for anyone who cares to know the truth, I was on the air chastising people that were saying that Hollywood should shut up or that if you have a different opinion you should shut up. I was of the opinion that there's nothing wrong with vigorous debate, what George Washington called the "battlefield of opinion."

Beck wants everyone to understand that during that very emotional time around the start of the Iraq War, Beck was one of the level-headed ones. Beck was asking for calm and urging dissenting voices to speak up to be heard. He wantedvigorous debate.