Trade Fight: Labor Slowly Moves Into Position to Oppose Obama

AFL-CIO gears up to fight Obama's plans to push free-trade deals.

Here's what we know when it comes to trade:

- President Obama campaigned on a promise to substantially change America's trade policies and move us off of the failed NAFTA trade model.

- Labor unions took that promise seriously, and therefore spent millions of dollars of workers' hard-earned wages to help elect President Obama.

- Obama's U.S. Trade Representative now says he is looking to pass Bush-negotiated, NAFTA-style trade deals with Panama, Colombia and South Korea. While he says he wants some tweaks to these deals, they are still the NAFTA model.

- Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is still giving speeches publicly bragging that he helped pass NAFTA.

- Thanks in large part to the NAFTA trade model, taxpayer funded bailouts of key industries could end up subsidizing the offshoring of American jobs.

Now, after all of this, we're finally getting a proper reaction from labor leaders in Washington, D.C.: