Apple's 'Baby Shaker' Application Shocks iPhone Users

Infanticide is not a game... at least it shouldn't be.

A lot of my friends have iPhones, and I'm not afraid to admit that I am jealous of them. My cellphone is falling apart. The screen is half broken and it only works when plugged into a wall. You'd think that would be an excuse for me to purchase my own iPhone but, because of my inability to not drop, step-on, kick, or submerge expensive things (especially electronic ones), I don't trust myself to own something that costs half-a-month's rent and can easily fall in the toilet. That doesn't stop me from acting like a child every time a friend takes out their spaceship-slick iPhone though. Seriously. I get grabby.

The iPhone is awesome in so many ways, but the main reason I love them (aside from the fact that they look like the future) are the applications. Apps are brilliant little programs that iPhone users can download for $0.99 a piece. The top downloaded apps from Apple are as follows:


I don't know what any of those apps do, but don't they sound fun? I wish I was playing "Stick Wars" right now.

Apps are a big business for Apple, with over 35,000 applications on their site and over 1 billion downloads in just nine months (remember, $0.99 a download). The best part? Anyone with some programming skills can design their own app and submit it to Apple. Once Apple approves the app they'll sell it on their website, passing on 50% of the sales to the designer. So if you create an app that gets downloaded 100,000 times you'd make around $50,000. Something so lucrative can never be wrong.

Until it is.