Stephen Colbert Challenges Richard Branson to a Nude Model Chicken Fight

The Colbert-Branson feud goes way back.

Last week, Arianna Huffington interviewed Richard Branson in a dialogue with Digg users. One of the questions was, "What historical figure would you most like to fistfight?" Branson responded, "Maybe Stephen Colbert, he's getting far too big for his boots." Snap.

Colbert showed this clip last night on his show and gloated that he beat Hitler as Branson's most objectionable "historical" figure. He then went on to challenge Branson to a chicken fight with nude models on their backs. This, of course, is a dig at the airline mogul for recent pictures of him kite surfing with a naked lady hanging off him.

The Colbert-Branson feud goes way back to 2007, when Sir Richard threw a cup of water on Stephen for his satirical mocking. Colbert then demanded a bottle of water and flung it on the multi-millionaire.

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We can't wait to see what happens next.

[Click through to the flipside to view the video]