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AlterNet Announces the Winners of the 6-Word 'Why I Love AlterNet' Challenge

More than 1,000 people entered AlterNet's "6 Word Challenge" -- it was a tough choice, but we've picked out the best.

More than 1,000 people entered AlterNet's "6 Word Challenge" in which readers told us what AlterNet means to them … in just six words. The contest was part of AlterNet's spring fundraising campaign. And clearly we have reason to celebrate here at AlterNet.

Thanks to our readers, we raised nearly $40,000, which helps us to keep churning out hard-hitting content 24/7 to keep you informed and stimulated. To all our readers and supporters, a warm thank you!

The "6 Word Challenge" was modeled after former AltertNet editor Larry Smith's New York Times best-selling book, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure. It turns out a lot that can be said in six words.

Our readers thrilled us with words from their hearts and with their clever, supportive descriptions of AlterNet's work. Smith, with consultation from other AlterNet board members, picked the winners on April 18 at the AlterNet board meeting. Each of the winners will receive a check for $100.

Here are the victorious submissions sent by e-mail, posted on Facebook or tweeted on Twitter:

  • So THAT'S what's REALLY going on! -- Don H., Illinois
  • News between, beyond, despite the lines -- Anna P., Colorado
  • Give Me Liberty, Give Me AlterNet! -- Tammy A., Minnesota
  • An interdependent world needs independent media -- Ann J., Indiana
  • A Daily Bailout for Your Brain -- Denise P., Ohio
  • Organic news raw feedback, never cooked! -- Julia H., via Facebook

And here are the runners-up -- it was hard to choose from over 1,000 thoughtful submissions. So no cash for these entries, but our heartfelt appreciation.

  • My morning wake up: Coffee and AlterNet
  • Because the truth belongs to everyone
  • AlterNet is my daily stimulus package
  • Foraging facts from fluff and flacks
  • Information sage of the Information Age
  • The audacity to tell the truth
  • Taking names, raising cane, Democracy reigns
  • Awakening of all that needs shaking
  • I think therefore I am Altered
  • Truth is stranger than fiction AlterNet
  • Complacency is the equivalent of complicity
  • Outrage, passion, hope -- one click away
  • Written for Truth, Not for Profit
Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.
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