Fake Consumer Rights Group Says Getting Ripped-Off for Internet Use Is Good For You

A shill group is taking up the fight to legitimize attempt by cable giants AT&T and Time Warner to price-gouge for Internet service.

Last week, Time Warner Media temporarily suspended its metered billing program after customers and consumer rights groups drowned the cable giant in complaints. (Under the company's "pay-per-byte" program, customers sign up for differently priced plans; users who use more bandwidth than their chosen plan allows are charged extra.)

So what’s a cable giant to do when customers don’t gladly accept their ploy to exploit a monopolized marketplace through egregious price-gouging?

Lay low while a fake consumer rights group runs a lobbying and propaganda campaign on your behalf!

According to Megan Tady on

Cable and phone companies, many of which are eyeing similar price structures, don’t want to see TWC fail. So enter the American Consumer Institute, the fake consumer group that is trying to convince us that excluding people from using the Internet is a good thing. Oh, and so is stifling online video innovation.

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