Poll: Most Americans Disagree with Dick Cheney About Obama Policies

A new poll reveals that 72% of Americans don't buy Cheney's assertion that Obama is making America less safe.

In March, former Vice President Dick Cheney made headlines when he violated protocol, good taste, and logic by going on air to accuse President Barack Obama of making America "less safe".

Cheney claimed that Obama's pledge to shutter Guantanamo and reverse many of the other Bush era policies regarding detainees had increased America's chances of terrorist attack.

As a new poll reveals, most Americans don't buy Cheney's argument that Obama's attempts to deprive terrorist groups of some of their best recruiting tools have made America more susceptible to attack.

1,023 adult Americans were asked, "Do you think the actions Barack Obama has taken as president have increased the chances of a terrorist attack against the U.S., or don't you think so?"

72% of those interviewed said no; 26% said yes. 

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