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Happily Helping the Republican Party

Former Enron lobbyist and current chairman of the Republican National Committee is hoping that you'll take part in the official census of the Republican party.
My friend was clearly moved. She told me that she had received an urgent letter from Marc Racicot, the former Enron lobbyist who now is chairman of the Republican National Committee.

While my friend does not know Marc personally, she surely was impressed that he had designated her as number 072702-V2002H. Marc's letter said that she was one of "a select group of Republicans" that the RNC had chosen to serve "as a representative of all Republicans" living in her voting district. Her prestigious assignment was to be among a vanguard of party activists to take part in "an Official Census of the Republican Party."

One problem: My friend is a lifelong Democrat. Oh, she admits that she has sometimes strayed -- like the time she voted for Dick Gregory for president on the Peace and Freedom ticket. But never has she voted Republican. In fact, she's never wanted much of anything to do with them.

But here, direct from the party chair, was a cry for help that she simply couldn't ignore. Marc noted that the RNC is developing a "Blueprint" on issues to guide the party for the next ten years, but that party leaders don't know how the rank and file feel about today's issues. So, he wrote, she is designated to "represent the views and opinions of all Republicans" in her area. Marc said it was vital that he receive her answers "in the next seven days."

Of course, my friend did her duty. But it wasn't easy. One question was: "Should we take the next step in welfare reform through faith-based programs?" Well, maybe, but what exactly is the next step? If it's to kill off all welfare moms, then probably the churches shouldn't do that.

This is Jim Hightower saying ... The key question was the last one, which asked if my friend would send $500 to the RNC. "No" was her answer ... but she sure hopes that her answers to all of the other questions are used by Marc to shape GOP policies for the next decade.
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