Bush and the GOP's Failure in Afghanistan

Not to play the blame game ... but this is all their fault.


While the international community's prospects in Afghanistan have never been bleaker, the Taliban has been experiencing a renaissance that has gained momentum since 2005. At the end of 2001, uprooted from its strongholds and with its critical mass shattered, it was viewed as a spent force. It was naively assumed by the US and its allies that the factors which propelled the Taliban to prominence in Afghanistan would become moribund in parallel to its expulsion from the country.The logic ran that as ordinary Afghans became aware of the superiority of a western democratic model, and the benefits of that system flowed down to every corner of the country, then the Taliban's rule would be consigned to the margins of Afghan history.

However, as seven years of missed opportunity have rolled by, the Taliban has rooted itself across increasing swathes of Afghan territory. According to research undertaken by ICOS throughout 2008, the Taliban now has a permanent presence in 72% of the country.

And remember, all through those years of missed opportunity, the GOP and their cheerleaders have been telling us how we should be clapping louder and dipping our fingers in purple dye to celebrate the Great Leader's Victory.

Blue Texan is a regular contributing blogger for FireDogLake.
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