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Conservative EU Honcho Bashes Obama’s Policies; U.S. Media Appear to Care

Yesterday, Mirek Topolánek’s conservative government fell. Today he’s all over the news criticizing Obama’s governance.

This, via The Beeb, appears to be the Big Story today (or one of them):

The Czech prime minister has condemned US President Barack Obama's economic recovery plans as "a way to hell".

Mirek Topolanek was speaking in the European Parliament, in his capacity as current holder of the EU presidency.

Hours before his remarks, President Obama appealed for all countries to bear the burden of spending to stimulate the world economy.

Mr Topolanek said the biggest success of last week's EU summit was its refusal to copy the US example.

Also occurring "hours before his remarks": Topolánek’s conservative government was rejected by the good people of the Czech Republic (or Czechoslovakia, in John McCain's world). Why did they give his governing coalition the boot?

The Financial Times says:

The Czech government collapsed last night after losing a vote of confidence over its handling of the economic crisis.

Now, that's just funny. Again, Topolánek -- who a quick Wikipedia check suggests is well known for over-the-top rhetoric -- is being taken very seriously in these matters by the corporate media.

Joshua Holland is an editor and senior writer at AlterNet.
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