CNBC's Erin Burnett Doesn't Believe in Unemployment Benefits (and We Have Her Email)

It is time to write Ms. Burnett some emails.
Last month, on the Huffington Post, I wrote about NBC's "Erin Burnett problem" after she relentlessly spouted Wall Street talking points on Meet The Press.

I pointed out that we have a bunch of "embedded" reporters on Wall Street -- like we did at the start of the Iraq War -- who feel so dependent on their sources for access that they don't ask tough questions or give the public the information we desperately need to be informed during this time of crisis. (Jon Stewart later proved this point beautifully in his epic critique of CNBC.)

Well, NBC's Erin Burnett problem is back.

This morning, on Morning Joe, for no apparent reason, she blurted out, "I'm going to throw this out there, it's just a question..." and then went on a long rant about "the whole question about unemployment benefits themselves." As in, should they even exist?

After all, she pointed out, they don't have them in China (the epitome of a pro-worker country). She asked, "Does that encourage people in places like China to go get jobs more quickly rather than waiting to exhaust their unemployment benefits?"

Adam Green is cofounder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), dedicated to helping progressive candidates run progressive campaigns and win.

He is also interim CEO of Change Congress, a reform group formed by Prof. Lawrence Lessig and Joe Trippi to reform congressional elections and special-interest influence on Congress.

Adam formerly served as Director of Strategic Campaigns and Civic Communications Director for

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