Two Truly Great Things That Happened Today

Senate approves a bill that will give Washington, D.C., a vote in the House, and the Pentagon lifts the media ban on coffin photos.

This is great news (h/t Steven Benen), despite the fact that Republicans slipped in a gun amendment (because D.C. has no problems with gun violence):

The Senate approved, by a 61-37 vote, the D.C. Voting Rights bill that would give the city its first ever seat in the House of Representatives. However, the Senate did so only after adding a controversial amendment that would repeal most of the District's local gun-control regulations, potentially throwing a wrench into the process.

The D.C. Vote bill would expand the House permanently by two seats. One would go to strongly Democratic D.C., while the other would go to the next state in line to pick up a seat based on population count. For two years, that seat would be Republican-leaning Utah. It would then pass to whichever state qualified based on Census results.

Next up is this, which has been a long time coming:

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