Elitist 'Future of NYC' Dinner Crashed By Real NYC Residents

"This is what democracy looks like." Though if it really was the protesters wouldn't have been taken away in paddy wagons.

Dissent has been bubbling up more and more frequently here in the cold, snow-blown streets of New York. The other day, when it was announced that Wall Street was using its bailout funds to hand out record bonuses to its employees, I started hearing murmurs of discontent and talk of tarring and feathering stock brokers even amongst normally placid centrist liberals.

There are a lot of people here in this city, and most of us are not benefiting from the economic bailouts that are lining the pockets of a few companies and their favored employees.

This afternoon, our fairly clueless mayor was having a lunch to discuss the future of New York City. The price per seat: $249. The intended guests: the elite business people of the city. You know, CEOs. Heads of major law firms. All the people that decide "the future of New York City." The ones who decided that the present involves fat Christmas bonuses for them and theirs.

Fortunately, some of the other 99 percent of the city’s people with an interest in our future decided to crash the party.

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