Rush Limbaugh 177, Barack Obama 0

"People will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy."

Barack Obama tried to charm them, Rush Limbaugh tried to bully them. And the results are in. Round 1 goes, by unanimous decision, to Rush Limbaugh. Not one House Republican voted with the president on the stimulus package, even after his "charm offensive."

These guys are the barbarians at the gate, there's no charming them. President Obama went to visit them, he invited them over to the White House, he had drinks with them, he stood by while they bad-mouthed congressional Democrats, he adjusted the bill for them, he cut out the contraception education and he added tax cuts. In the end, what did he get for his efforts? A big fat doughnut. Nothing.

Not one House Republican voted for his stimulus package. 177-0.

On the other side, they went groveling over to Limbaugh, tripping over themselves to court his favor and take his tongue-lashings (how grotesque does that sound?). In the end, he got them all (and all the national attention -- which was his true goal).

Cenk Uygur is co-host of the Young Turks, the first liberal radio show to air nationwide.