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Life Is About to Get Much Harder for Shady Media Moguls and Greedy Telecoms

Obama picks outspoken Bush critic and public-interest advocate Michael Copps to run the Federal Communications Commission.

Agood sign that events are quickly moving away from eight years of rampant greed and disregard for the public interest by media moguls like Rupert Murdoch and greedy telecoms: "President Barack Obama today designated Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps as acting chair of the agency."

Copps, who long served as a thorn in Bush's side as an FCC commissioner, has unswervingly fought against the media consolidation and giveaways we had the misfortune of experiencing in the Bush era. He's been profiled and praised for years by progressives and public interest groups as a rare voice of sanity these past years on media issues. First good move by Copps that comes to my head: He called for an inquiry into Murdoch's shady buyout of the Wall Street Journal.

FCC watchdog and media reform advocate group Free Press is clapping its hands loudly at Obama's decision. Take a look in AlterNet's archives from the Bush days, and you'll see nothing but solid opposition by Copps to virtually every vile action taken by the Bushies at the FCC, led by Colin Powell's son, Michael. Here's media critic Norm Solomon quoting Copps in 2003:

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"I understand they (broadcasters) live in a commercial culture and a business culture. But this is a special industry with a special charge -- administering the public airwaves. Nobody owns these airwaves. There's no TV company or radio company that owns the airwaves. The people of the United States of America own the airwaves."