Bush I & Bush II Share Their Thoughts on Vibrating Chairs in Their Goodbye Interview

Strange talk in a goodbye interview with degenerate father and son on Fox News.

This doesn't need much introduction. Here's the link from Fox News's Brit Hume interview with the Bush father and son -- and here's the touching ending to the latest installment of the Bush era:

HUME: When you first took office, took occupancy of this office, as I recall, the two of you had a brief moment together.

G.W. BUSH: Right.

HUME: Can you reflect on that? Do you remember it?

G.W. BUSH: We had just witnessed the Inaugural Parade, and I came upstairs at the White House up there, and I think you were taking a nap.

G.H.W. BUSH: No, I was in the bathtub, thawing out.

G.W. BUSH: Yes, he was in the bathtub. (Laughter.)

HUME: Were you really?

G.H.W. BUSH: Yes.