Rachel Maddow on 'Daily Show': 'Insulted,' 'Embarrassed' By Bush

Jon Stewart and Maddow talk Bush, Obama, Bill Clinton, MSNBC and the Munsters.

Rachel Maddow appeared on "The Daily Show" Wednesday night, where she and Jon Stewart discussed the MSNBC family, President-elect Barack Obama's policy knowledge and George W. Bush's Blair House snub of the incoming first family.

Stewart opened the interview by telling Maddow hers is "a lovely voice to have out there on the air," and then he compared MSNBC anchors to the Munster family.

"Ever see 'The Munsters?' " he asked. "Here's what I think when I watch MSNBC: You're Marilyn ... " referring to the only normal member of a family of monsters. "But everyone else over there is **** nuts. I'm not gonna tell you who Herman Munster is, but I will tell you I believe Chris Matthews is the dragon who lives under the stairs."

"You know, I'm new there!" Maddow shot back.


Danny Shea is a writer for the Huffington Post