Gonzales' Most Serious Crime: Propping up the Unconstitutional Powers of King George

There is a long list of things Gonzales did wrong. But the underlying crime was against the principle that the U.S. is a country of laws, not men.

Alberto Gonzales doesn't have any idea what he did that was so fundamentally wrong. Yes, it's pathetic, but I think he's mostly making an appeal to the village (and perhaps George W. Bush ... ) that he's been punished enough -- he says he can't get a job because people think he's going to be indicted. Poor Alberto.

There is a long list of things Gonzales did wrong, of course, not the least of which was his involvement in the torture and spying regime. But I suspect the most serious crime for an Attorney General is the abuse of the constitution and fundamental principles of American law. Reader Brian sent me this note yesterday in response to my post about the villagers' consensus that investigations and prosecutions of the Bush war crimes would be the wrong thing to do, that I think speaks very well to that point:



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