Franken-Coleman Update: Coleman's Desperate Haily Marys

The Republican National Lawyer Association has put out a red-alert dollar beg to the Republican Party faithful to pay for Coleman's team law expenses.

Another day, another set of Hail Mary efforts by the Coleman campaign.  They fared about as well as Norm's previous Hail Marys -- that is to say, not well at all.

First up was his bid to have 16 ballots that had been marked with an "X" pulled and reviewed by the state canvassing board, out of a stated concern that the ballots had either been assigned to the wrong candidate or not counted at all.  The 16 ballots soon became 40 ballots, which were all pulled and reviewed -- and no votes were changed as a result. 

Second up was his petition to the Minnesota Supreme Court to get rid of what he claimed were "duplicate ballots" in the city of Minneapolis.  As mentioned yesterday, the Hennepin County Canvassing Board itself filed a motion with the Soops  The Supremes didn't rule on it yet -- they probably won't until tomorrow, per The UpTake's Mike McIntee in his video recap -- but judging from their comments as Twittered by The UpTake, they didn't seem to be too friendly towards Coleman's arguments.

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