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AlterNet Needs a Bailout -- Can You Help?

It is more important than ever that progressive voices be heard. We need you to help make that happen.

Dear Reader,

As AlterNet's Senior Writer and Editor, I've never personally reached out to you for help before. And I'm sorry to say we need it. Click here and make a contribution to help secure AlterNet’s future.

Here's the story: Since the beginning of the presidential campaign, our lean, mean staff has worked its collective butt off to push back against the right-wing noise machine.

For months, we lived on bad coffee and a deep hunger for change. You should have seen the exhaustion on our faces on Election day, even as we exulted in watching a true progressive mandate emerge from the results.

But there's no rest for the weary. We've all helped elect a new president whose promise of change inspired a generation and rewrote the electoral map. And now we face the task of holding President Obama to all the commitments that he made to the American people as a candidate.

And as the economics editor, there's certainly no let-up for me right now. The financial crisis has touched everyone -- millions have lost their homes, jobs, retirement savings and many of us (including the AlterNet staff) have had our sense of economic security clobbered.

And that's why I'm writing you today. In order to continue bringing you the hard-hitting independent news and analysis you've come to expect from AlterNet, we're going to need your support now more than we've ever needed it before. Click here to help us out right now.

The financial crisis is putting a huge dent in our revenues. We're facing the prospect of severe cut-backs. I don't want to see my teammates -- who I see giving their all day in and day out -- have their jobs in jeopardy (nor mine, for that matter). So while I know that things are tough for you too these days, if you're in a position to give AlterNet a few dollars so we can stay strong and healthy, we’ll truly appreciate it. And we'll give you everything you need to be informed and ready for action.

Click here to help us out.

If you can offer us a little help each month, it'll be especially valuable in these uncertain times. And I'd love to show Hazen that, on behalf of those of us who get their hands dirty every day, I encouraged more people to sign up than he did! So if you commit to just $10 a month, I'll make sure we send you a copy of our newest book, "The Best Stories of AlterNet 2008." Click here to become a monthly sustainer.

As an AlterNet reader, you've probably come to count on the hundreds of smart, inspired progressive voices we bring to you every month. This year our hard-working team published 4,200 stories, 3,750 blogs, and 1,050 videos. That's a lot of content. And you came day after day by the tens of thousands to gobble it up.

But perhaps you haven't donated to us yet. If you've been sitting on the fence, now is the time to help. On behalf of our editorial team I’m asking you: please consider kicking a few dollars to AlterNet.We're here for you, night and day, 24/7.

My best,

Joshua Holland

Senior Editor, AlterNet

P.S. Don’t forget -- if you make a commitment to AlterNet’s future with a monthly gift of $10 or more, I will make sure we send you a copy of "The Best of AlterNet 2008." Click here to become an AlterNet monthly sustainer.

Joshua Holland is an AlterNet staff writer.
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