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NetNomad 79

1. Unholly Roller 2. Flame Warriors 3. ScoopMe: Video Tape Lending Library 4. Awards Scoop 5. James
Unholly Roller //

It is called an "art car," which means that it is a vehicle "that's been permanently, artistically altered." And man has it been altered! The car is called Carthedral and it looks like it was created for a Mad Max movie. It is a hearse with incredibly detailed designs throughout, and also features a VW bug stuck on top. The car stands 12' 10" and is not only street legal, but is still under the legal height limit. And lest we forget, the car was build by a woman, Rebecca Caldwell. Well worth a visit.

Flame Warriors //

The warriors of today no longer train for battle. They simply sign on to the Internet and start typing. They can stir it up with the best of them, but what makes these Flame Warriors tick? Well, it turns out that, like most things in life, there are different types of Warriors. In fact there are almost 80 different sorts, including the Blowhard (who feels the need to present his credentials before entering the fray), the Loopy (the Loopy is a certifiable nut case), the Stone Deaf (he simply refuses to acknowledge any arguments he doesn't like) and of course the ALLCAPS.

ScoopMe: Video Tape Lending Library //

ScoopMe bills itself as the "world's only video tape lending system." Users list tapes they have available for lending, and allows other users to search the database and "borrow" any tapes that might be of interest. There are currently 463 active tapes in the library that includes TV shows, movies and more. The site does not actually house the tapes; it simply allows users to contact each other with tape offers or requests.

Awards Scoop //

Another scoop, this one having to do with Internet Awards. There are dozens of Web-related Internet awards handed out around the world and this site lists most of them. Various categories include print publication awards, online publications, organizations, and worldwide organizations. It is worth noting that not all the awards are commercial in nature and some of the best honor humanitarian sites. Links are provided to all sites, of course.

James //

It is hard to believe that the latest "Pleased to Meet You" is the 11th CD for this British band. Harder still to believe is the Manchester group has gained so little recognition on this side of the Atlantic. It would be comforting to think that this latest epic will remedy that situation with its killer songs like "The Shining," "Senorita," "Alaskan Pipeline," "Space" and the title tune. The site brings fans new and old up to date with a complete history of the band, tour information and a few music clips. Check them out if you like original and intelligent music.
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