Mike Huckabee Exposes Real Hate in America: Christophobes

Mike Huckabee is a jackass.

At a book signing this week, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee once again spoke truth to powerand rejected two lies spread by the gay liberal media: 1) that the gay movement is a civil rights movement, and 2) that violence against "homosexuals" is a big deal. Huckabee then shed light on the issue that nobody else will touch with a 10-foot pole: the gay violence perpetrated against Christians. It turns out that far from being the victims of hate crimes, the gays are the real haters and the true criminals.

Huckabee explained: "There is a difference between the civil rights movement of African Americans, who were hosed down in the streets by [police official] Bull Connor in Birmingham, [Ala.,] and beaten with their skulls crashed in on the bridges of Selma for being black, not for their behavior, not for anything other than their race."

Duh! Good point. Are gays really that persecuted? Show me a gay who had his skull cracked. Name one! Twenty-one-year-old Matthew Shepard was robbed, pistol-whipped, tortured, tied to a fence in a remote area, and left to die, which he did. He had brain damage and a fractured skull, but it wasn't cracked. Besides, Shepard was in Wyoming, and nowhere near Selma, Ala., so it's so not comparable. And Shepard, like the other homosexuals he represents, aren't attacked for their race, they are attacked for their behavior. So, if they don't want to get attacked, they can just choose to be straight.

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