The $70-an-Hour Autoworker Myth: A Zombie That Just Won't Die?

The $70-an-hour autoworker lie is alive and well, roaming the media landscape.

Like a zombie that can't be killed, the $70-an-hour autoworker lie is alive and well, roaming the media landscape -- and still being peddled by The New York Timesin Monday's edition.

As Media Mattersand other critics reported last week, it's a conservative myth concocted by totaling all wages, plus health and benefit costs to current workers and 450,000 retirees and their families -- and then deceptively dividing that huge total payout by the number of current UAW workers, about 140,000 in Detroit.

Here's what the Timessaid today in an article about the autoworkers considering concessions:

Some critics have taken aim at the automakers' hourly labor costs, which average more than $70 for senior workers, including wages and the value of benefits like pensions and health care.

Those costs run closer to $46 an hour at nonunion plants like Toyota's factory in Georgetown, Ky., and are even less at newer plants farther South, where foreign automakers have pegged wages closer to local rates.

In fact, as I and others previously reported, The Big Three true labor costs are on the way to matchingthose offered by non-union Japanese plants in the U.S.

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