George W. Bush and the Presidential Pardons

No, it's not a new punk band.

One of the latest Washington parlor Games seems to be spectating as to whether or not Bush will grant a full pardon to convicted felon Scooter Libby before his administration mercifully comes to an end two months from tomorrow. I say "seems to be" because, trust me, I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Washington Beltway, cocktail party circuit - in good standing or otherwise. All of the info you read in this site I receive second or third hand. Truth be told, I have not even set foot in the District of Columbia since April of 2000. 

Recently, however, the Princes and Princesses of D.C. are starting to ask a somewhat different question: 
Is the First Fool going to issue a blanket pardon for allof the criminals in this disgusting administration who have committed crimes against the American people in general and humaity in particular? 
Expect a major Constitutional crisis between now and January 20. In the months following the dawn of the 110th Congress in January of 2007, I couldn't understand why the special prosecutors weren't forthcoming. What the hell is the matter with these stupid Democrats? Can't they see that this is the most murderously criminal administration in American history? Are these nitwits blind? Are they part of the conspiracy? What gives?
Then in early July, I was finally able to figure it out the reason behind the Dem's hesitancy. The moment Dick Cheney's chief-of-staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice, Bush commuted his sentence. What's the sense of prosecuting these homicidal clowns for anything if the asshole in the Oval Office is simply going to render their convictions invalid?
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