Now Is No Time to Sing Kumbaya: We Must Hold the Bush Regime Accountable

We cannot just ignore Bush's crimes and incompetence because Obama got elected.

So, I'm hearing a ton of arguments that we should all just let bygones be bygones, because gosh darn, there are so much more important things to do than bringing Bush apparatchiks who smashed the constitution to bits, invaded another country based on lies (a war crime that Nazis were hung for) and who were criminally incompetent in their management of the economy, Katrina and everything else, to account.

Yes, we should all be BIGGER than justice, and just let bygones be bygones. What could be the harm in just saying "hey it's over now, let's fix the problems these criminal saps made and not bother to go after them." (I'm sure rapists and murderers who have killed and harmed far fewer people are wondering why this standard doesn't apply to them.)

The SAME people who were responsible for Nixon's crimes, were responsible for Iran/Contra. They and their proteges came back and were responsible for Bush, Iraq, torture, screwing up Katrina and so on.

But we're supposed to let bygones be bygones so they can do it again in the next Republican administration.
Ian Welsh is the managing editor of The Agonist and a sometime contributor to FDL and the Huffington Post.
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