The GOP Asked People Online How to Rebuild ... The Results are Interesting (and Sometimes Hilarious)

"Truck Nutz For All" came in at number four with 1,393 votes.
The GOP gives a party on the internet and asks for suggestions on how to rebuild itself. No screaming Christian conservatives responded. The site was overwhelmed by the Ron Paul wing of the GOP. Well, there's also a Todd Palin fan in the top ten ideas, too. What a funny list, and it shows such incompetence by the GOP planners, too.

Rebuild the Party is a forum where they are seeking ideas on how to rework conservative ideas so as to, well, rebuild what is broken ... the Republican Party. They've finally allowed their folks on the internet to have their say. Republican constituents can also vote on the best ideas out there. So what are they saying, you might ask? Or, rather, what are they voting for in the realm of ideas? Let's see, we've got a top five thing going here, I think. From

10. Step Away From the Drug War with 503 votes.
Evidently the libertarian wing of the Republican Party has spoken. The writer suggests that the Republican Party should be about FREEDOM! I think he's channeling Braveheart or something.

9. Embrace the FairTax as sponsored by Rep John Linder with 516 votes.
This author got the John McCain tax message.

8. Step away from the religious right with 636 votes.
Hey, it's a guy posting on a Republican web site who listens to me, a smart Republican who knows exactly what has ruined the Republican brand, the hate of the social conservatives. I think I'm going to teach him to say Radical Right Wing Conservative Clerics.

7. Enact The Fair Tax HR-25 3 with 775 votes.
These fair tax guys are really the radical fiscal conservatives, the Ron Paul types, don't you think? They want to tax consumption. I'll bet they don't call for taxes on internet porn and plastic sex dolls, though.

6. Small "c" Conservatives with 973 votes.
One more in the top ten deciding he's had it with the religious right. I have to say I don't disagree all that much with small "c" conservatives, as long as their goal is bringing more freedoms and rights to our citizens.
Steven Reynolds is a regular blogger for the All Spin Zone
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