Obama Victory Boosts Gun Sales

According to Reuters, the Democratic victory on Tuesday is boosting gun sales in parts of the country that are fearful of new gun control laws.
The victory by Barack Obama and Joe Biden has already caused an economic boomlet, though one of arguable merit.

According to Reuters, gun sales have taken off red states following last week's presidential election. The hottest item apparently include makes and models of guns that are seen as being likely targets of new gun control laws.

The article said:
Sales of rifles, pistols and ammo are surging in parts of the United States, as many gun owners fear President-elect Barack Obama's administration may seek to tighten ownership of certain weapons.
"The day after the election, I had many more calls than usual from people looking for semi-automatic rifles," said David Greenberg, the owner of the Second Amendment Family Gun Shop, in Bisbee, Arizona, who sold out of AR-15 rifles in recent days.
"There seems to be a fear they will be banned, and it's fairly likely," he added. "Obama and Biden are driven to eliminate firearms from the face of the country."
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