President Obama and the History of the First 100 Days Today on Meet the Bloggers (1pm ET/10am PT)

With special guest Jonathan Alter and blogger Marcy Wheeler.
The people have spoken! A record-setting 130 million people turned out to vote in Tuesday's election, in which Barack Obama made history on a Democratic tidal wave of victory. Polling suggests voters came out in record numbers because of growing concerns over the economy, jobs, health care, energy, and the war in Iraq. Clearly, the Obama administration and the new Democratic majority in Washington have a chance to make profound changes in our lives stretching ­ from Wall Street to Main Street. But where should they begin?
On today's Meet the Bloggers, we'll talk about this question and more with Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and contributing correspondent for NBC. This is the seventh election Alter has covered for Newsweek, and he'll bring his unique perspective to the discussion. Alter is also the author of the national bestseller, The Defining Moment: FDR's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope. He'll talk about how Roosevelt restored Americans' faith in democracy and put the country back to work during the Great Depression, as well as the challenges and opportunities Obama faces during his first days in office.

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