Cheney's 'Endorsement' of McCain ... Cheney's Last Laugh?

Did Cheney endorse McCain out of spite?
As suspicious as I am of the motives of the conservatives jumping ship to support Obama (like Powell and Buckley), I am equally suspicious of the Cheney endorsement. Much like Osama Bin Laden's 2004 "endorsement" of John Kerry, Cheney simply has to know how his endorsement would play. So why do it? All I can come up with is simple revenge.

First off, to cover the obvious, Cheney is grotesquely unpopular and has been for quite some time.  Yes, I know Cheney's remarks were delivered in Wyoming, where people might still brake if they saw him crossing the street, but I don't think Wyoming's 3 electoral-votes were high on McCain's list of worries.

As for the Wyoming House seat that is in play, recent polling has Trauner 4-6 points down to the Republican.  Even so, let's look at what Cheney actually said:

I'm delighted to support John McCain, and I'm pleased that he has chosen a running mate with executive talent, toughness, and common sense: our next Vice President, Governor Sarah Palin. (Applause.)

As Obama has quite ably been exploiting, when is Cheney ever delighted about anything?  I doubt he has ever felt an emotion more positive than "smugness."  Snark aside, this language is suggestive of Cheney deliberately trying to draw attention to this remark, so it wouldn't be missed.  After all, much earlier in the speech, Cheney had said:
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