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NetNomad 60

Five offbeat, timely reviews of Web sites on the arts, politics and news -- with a dash of the absurd thrown in for good measure. This week: ... eXtreme Elvis ... Great Mobile Homes of Missouri ... Folk Art in Bottles ... Mojo4Music ... KEEN-TV.
eXtreme Elvis

What is this, an Elvis on a skateboard? Nope. This is an Elvis impersonator who resembles what the King might have looked like in his last years. Bloated and angry and still out playing for whoever might want to listen. And in this case those willing to listen are few and far between, largely because eXtreme Elvis is not only so large, but somewhat temperamental. Listen to the sound files to hear eXtreme (who is not a bad singer, really) bad-mouthing everyone from his backup band to members of the audience.

Great Mobile Homes of Missouri

Okay now, don't get your coat tails all in a knot. This site is just a comical but hardly mean-spirited look at the best of the worst trailer homes in Missouri and elsewhere. Plenty of photos are included, of course, with some telling observations as to what makes each so unique. Such as why, the author wonders aloud "is it they always have junkers in the yard that haven't run since Carter was president, and the cars they do have don't have any exhaust." Bear in mind that the author lives in a trailer as well.

Folk Art in Bottles //

We've heard of ships in bottles, of course, but art in bottles? They are called "whimsy bottles," or "puzzle bottles" and consists of art scenes assembled inside bottles. The ones featured here include everything from crosses and crucifixions, photographs, buildings, saloon scenes and interlocking puzzles. There's plenty examples of these as well as a host of links.

Mojo4Music //

Given the extraordinary amount of good music coming out the UK, it is no wonder that some of the best music magazines also come from those countries. Britain's Mojo is one of the best of the lot and they have finally come to the Web. On the day we visited the site featured news on the next Radiohead album (due in June), an article asking if Smartie* sorry, Eminem is the latest a long line of "troubled icons," a handful of first-rate reviews (both old and new) and much more.


Are you tired of watching TV all by your lonesome? Drop into the action at KEEN-TV's interactive site. KEEN-TV, located just outside of Las Vegas, offers the usual fare of repeats and more repeats. The station is not carried on any cable system, and averages only 35,000 viewers per day. But the interactive Website brings in about 8,000 online viewers per month from all over the world. The reason? The site features a very neat (dare we say keen) chat-box at the right of the TV image, thereby allowing viewers to chat with other viewers while they watch the program. A wonderful idea and great fun.
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