A Class Analysis of Palin’s Classy New Clothes

All this criticism is not sliding off Palin’s silk-covered back.
Let me be clear off the top that all talk of Sarah Palin's (rather gorgeous) wardrobe is a diversion from what really counts: stuff like her position against choice, her ignorance of world politics and her intermittent allergy to the truth. But I can't say I feel at one with those making such a hoopla around her new duds. Pundits are saying that it is an image error. After all, they point out, she's the average hockey mom, the local small-town girl, the one who has pulled herself up from little privilege to the national stage. Fancy-schmancy clothes from Neiman-Marcus, commentators are saying, contradict this picture of the working class gal made good.

I don't agree.

When I was growing up, I wore three-year-old hand-me-downs from Anne, the daughter of one of my mother's friends. Three years is bad timing. You can't pass it off as this year's or even last year's style. And it's not old enough to call it retro. No, three-year-old fashion means only one thing: used clothes.
Author, journalist and blogger Sue Katz has lived, worked and published journalism on three continents. She used to be most proud of her martial arts career and her world travel, but now it is all about her blog Consenting Adult and her new book Thanks But No Thanks: A Voter's Guide to Sarah Palin.
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