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The GOP-Terrorism Connection: It's Not 'Just' Palin

Conservatives are perfectly willing to embrace terrorism -- if it's the "right" kind of terrorism.
Noxious though it may be, there's nothing aberrational about Palin's refusal to condemn anti-abortion violence as terrorism.  The right has a long, long history of inciting violence, and excusing it, rather than condemning it.  When Clinton was President, there were frequent examples of this.  After the Oklahoma City bombing, the GOP Congress held hearings during which the "Militia" leaders were treated with deference and respect.

Then, just last fall, while Ron Paul was ramping up his "insurgent" presidential campaign--and in full denial about his past racist publications--he praised a couple who then engaged in an armed stand-off with federal officials.  I wrote about it in a diary, "Ron Paul Equates Former Militia Wingnut Tax Evaders With Martin Luther King", which included this video, so there can be no mistaking Paul's position.  The principle tax-evader in question, Edward Lewis Brown, was convicted of armed robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon in 1960, and was imprisoned until 1965.  But Paul compared him not only to Martin Luther King, but to Ghandi as well:

Hey, they's not terra-ists! They's just Gandhi with a gun!
Paul Rosenberg is a regular blogger for Open Left