What Would You Ask John McCain?

Enter the contest for a chance to win a free REAL McCain shirt.

Tell us what you would ask John McCain and you could win a free REAL McCain shirt.

John McCain has been secretive, duplicitous, downright dishonest about so many issues, from his economic platforms to the release of his medical records. That's why we created our REAL McCain series, which you have made successful by spreading these videos in an effort to hold McCain accountable.

Tell us what issue you would ask McCain to come clean about and why. The team at Brave New Films will review comments to select 50 winners to receive a free REAL McCain t-shirt. And you will receive a free Brave New Films video subscription just for entering the contest.

Here are just some of the insightful questions people have posed to McCain:
Kyle from Ohio would ask: "Why did you deny your campaign ads were 100% negative? You've been running a smear campaign from the beginning."
Adam from Wisconsin would ask about the economy: "I would ask McCain how he can be so optimistic about off shore drilling. The big short to medium term problem with drilling is that there are no off-shore drilling rigs available. All the companies that own and operate the rigs (such as Transocean) have all their rigs locked up in long-term contracts. So not only is it not going to affect oil prices anytime soon, we won't even be able to drill offshore for a long time."

Shadi from Texas would ask: "How can you claim to put country first when you; ate cake for your birthday with Bush during Katrina, support nuclear power and claim it can be safe, and want to keep fighting a war which we can never win and only costs us money and brave soldiers lives?"

Winners will be determined on Monday, October 27th. Each winner will be immediately mailed a REAL McCain t-shirt, so enter today!

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