McCain Blames Feminists for Campaign's Slipping Support

And apparently they're mighty proud of it.
As any long-time feminist knows, we are to blame for everything.  So as you might imagine, I was truly excited to read in my morning paper that John McCain is blaming attacks on Sarah Palin’s credentials on the “feminist left” as well as the liberal media.  Memo to John, just call us feminists, there is no such thing as a “feminist right” although there are some anti-abortion wingnuts who try to make you think there is.  But I digress. As a participant in the feminist movement and the liberal media, I’d like to thank the Senator for acknowleging our hard work on this issue, it is something to be proud of!

However, as Amie Newman at RH Reality Check points out, never mind the historic value of both the Clinton and Palin candidacies, women’s issues are as invisible as  ever during this campaign except for such vote losing comments as McCain’s utter contempt for the air quoted issue of maternal health.  The good news is that hey guess what, women can not only vote but also run for office because, wait for it…  feminists were instrumental in securing those rights.  Newman lists a few other notable items on the feminist agenda:
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