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Voter Registration Fraud? I'll Show You Voter Registration Fraud!

Where is the Justice Department investigation of this?

Long ago (think Nixon Southern strategy days) there was a fiendishly clever way to rob voters of their votes. It involved organizing a "voter registration drive" usually in a poor or minority areas. The drive's promoters would collect voter registration applications from the citizens in that area and assure them that the drive's organizers would see that they were properly filed with the correct Board of Elections.

Instead, they would throw them down some sewer.

The would be voter would show up on Election Day to find out that his name was not in the book and he was not eligible to vote. So, although the voter could later apply to vote, for THAT cycle at least, the voter's vote had been stolen from him.

This led to rules that require, sometimes upon pain of criminal prosecution, voter registration drives to turn in every single application it collects, even if it has a good faith reason to believe the application is defective--such as an application by Mickey Mouse.

Now you know why ACORN is turning in funky applications, because it is required to do so--but I digress.

Once again, persons of ill will have found a way to rob voters of their registrations. This time, it involves falsely registering people to the Republican party without their knowledge or consent.

Looseheadprop is a regular blogger for FireDogLake
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