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NetNomad 53

Five offbeat, timely reviews of Web sites on the arts, politics and news -- with a dash of the absurd thrown in for good measure. This week: ... U8TV ... Modern Humorist ... Fainting Goat Association ... KCRW ...

IF you've not yet tired of the reality TV, U8TV offers a nice variation on the theme. Much like "Big Brother," U8TV's focus will be on a group of individuals living in a house, only this time it is a loft. It features two bedrooms and a shared kitchen and a couple dozen cameras. The houseguests, who have been paid a flat fee to have their every waking and sleeping moment recorded, are free to leave the loft, but cameras will accompany them everywhere they go. They will also be responsible for creating a series of programs, all of which will be available online.

Modern Humorist

The Modern Humorist is both modern and humorous. Quite a thing for a humor magazine. The current edition includes a biting satire documenting the real worth of Hillary's recent publishing contract ($8 million includes $25,000 worth of cute anecdotes involving Socks or Buddy as well as $50,000 for cute anecdotes involving Socks and Buddy) a resume from a now idle Phish fan and a first aid poster showing how to revive a sickly

Fainting Goat Association

Yes, it sounds like an urban legend. Goats that, when they become overly excited, faint dead away. Or so it would seem. No one seems to know exactly what happens, but the goats in question do become stiff as boards and then hit the ground. The goats are known by a number of descriptive terms such Nervous or Tennessee Scare goats and they seem to have originated in the early 1800s in Tennessee. Find out more at this site.


Based at Santa Monica College, KCRW is considered to be the flagship station of National Public Radio in Southern California. Not only are many of the station's programs syndicated nationally, but it is available 24 hours a day via the Internet. There are many highlights to its programming schedule, one of the best of which is Morning Becomes Eclectic. Talk about eclectic! The show is a remarkable mix of music and talk, featuring some of the best -and often least-known- performers in the world. You'll find a full listing, and a great archive, available at this site.

There is simply so much junk on TV that it is often easy to forget that there are a few nuggets buried in the rubble. But how do you find the good stuff? AllYourTV is a good place to start. The reviews are short and to the point, but do feature some shows you may not have seen. On the day we visited the site featured a glowing (and rightly so) review of WB's Gilmore Girls as well as takes on The Mole, Survivor II and a look back at the year 2000, with picks of the best, worst and more.