McCain Woos Radicals, Obama Woos Virginia Conservatives

Obama and his campaign are educating people about subtle racism to bring Americans together.

New polls in Minnesota and Ohio show widening leads for Barack Obama. The lead is 18 points for Obama according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and seven points for Obama in Ohio according to the Columbus Post Dispatch. Further, Barack Obama thinks he can take North Carolina, a state McCain won’t be able to pay much attention to, what with his difficulties in Ohio and Pennsylvania. And Ken Burns is warning that McCain is no longer a darling of New Hampshire. The electoral college is starting to swing Obama’s way.

The story is curiouser and curiouser in Michigan, a state McCain has abandoned, with McCain courting some severe radicals there. No, G. Gordon Liddy is not the only ex-con and radical who McCain counts as a friend. As a disclaimer, my own experience with Liddy, a claim to fame of sorts, is that Tucker Carlson, right before I appeared on his show, called Liddy a “great man.” As I’ve noted before, calling a convicted criminal who helped screw up our democratic processes a hero is, I suppose, the Republican way. As the Michigan Democratic Party notes, John McCain finds comfort around more radicals than just G. Gordon Liddy. I’ll agree that Barack Obama doesn’t need to link John McCain to such radicals as John Rakolta, who bankrolled ads that compared Democrats to Hitler, or racist Terry Nelson, or even Ku Klux Klan defender Richard Quinn. No, we don’t even need to use John Hagee or G. Gordon Liddy in ads designed to show just how enamored John McCain is of radical Americans whose goals are so un-American. Barack Obama does not need to go relentlessly negative, not even to bring Charles Keating, another ex-con who is a friend of John McCain, into attack ads.
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