I Want to Bail Out Health Care

Choosing to bail out children over corporations.

The Children's Defense Fund just released this video that gets the to core of many issues.  If the federal government is going to use my tax dollars to bailout an industry, I want to choose the industry it to which it goes. 

I choose health care.  I choose to insure every single child living within the federal goverment's reach.  I choose to use $700 billion dollars to bail out children with cancer so that their parents never again have to worry about treatments that their children desperately need that isn't covered by Medicaid.  I choose $700 billion dollars to bail out children with autism that need specialized treatment that many insurance companies deem too experimental.  I choose to get real dental care to children that need it.  I choose to bail out children over corporations. 

Demand a health care plan that works for children, adults, families and individuals.
Erikka Yancy is an associate producer at Brave New Foundation where she is currently working on several long-term campaigns.
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