24, Starring John McCain as Jack Bauer

John McCain fancies himself an action hero, but can't figure out which one.

Well, by now we know John McCain is today’s action hero, far more powerful than Chuck Norris or Mike Huckabee. Heck, I would compare him to Jack Bauer of 24, except Jack Bauer has friends and actually saves the day. They’ve both got that scruffy look, and Jack Bauer has been tortured in the line of duty as well. Of course, they’re both Mavericks, and they both get the babes.

But I digress. Today’s feature consists of some quotes from the last 24 or 36 hours or so. Ergo the title of this post. I’m still trying to figure out the coherence of these McCain quotes. The first comes on Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, with McCain claiming he was not acting the hero this past week, but that he is satisfied with the bailout package. From

Stephanopoulos: “What role did you play? How were you helpful do you believe in the process?”

John McCain: “I will let you and others be the judge of that. I did the best that I could. I came back because I wasn’t going to phone it in. America is in a crisis of almost unprecedented proportions. I should be doing whatever little I can to help this process. I’m a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. I got to get in the arena when America needs it, and if that judgment wants to be made whether I helped or hurt, I’ll be glad to accept the judgment of history. But I’m never going to not get engaged when the taxpayers and middle class of America are in danger of losing everything literally that they’ve worked all their lives for. I’m going to be out working on it. I won’t claim a bit of credit, okay, if that makes them feel better. But I’m going to be there working and trying to help solve this crisis. And I’m proud of John Boehner and Roy Blunt and Adam Putnam and all of the guys and men and women, Marsha Blackburn and others who in the House of Representatives stood up and got into these negotiations and became part of the solution.”

Let’s call that Noon yesterday, for the sake of argument. McCain boasts of his duty to his country, to be there trying as hard as he can, then he gets all humble and thanks all the other stalwart warriors he served with. Oh, and what’s that “if that makes them feel better” thing if not petulence at not being recognized as the biggest hero since the Green Lantern?
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