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Why Can't Negroes Understand How Awesome the GOP is?


You right, Rush. Negroes should totally learn how awesome the party that seems to keep insulting us is. So what if you speak to us in a condescending, patronizing, uber-arrogant tone, WE NEED TO LEARN HOW AWESOME YOU ARE FOR US! Today on #TWiBRadio, I'm left alone to my own devices with the rest of the team off receiving government handouts (i.e. taking a German exam and finalizing a dissertation) I opened up the phone lines and we discussed the Republican outreach plan, the ridiculousness of its execution and what could actually work.Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe On Stitcher| Direct Download | RSS And this morning on #amTWiB: Looks like Anthony Weiner is considering a comeback. Turns out it was all about easy access:

You know, [Twitter is] like spin the wheel! Find someone to say something to you! And if it wasn’t 2011 and it didn’t exist, it’s not like I would have gone out cruising bars or something like that. It was just something that technology made possible and it became possible for me to do stupid things. I mean, the thing I did, and the damage that I did, not only hadn’t it been done before, but it wasn’t possible to do it before.

DAMN YOU TWITTER FOR EXISTING!!! Then L.Joy and the crew discuss the treacherous chicks manipulating parents, Ben Carson backed out of Johns Hopkins convocation, and what you should know about Obama's budget proposal.Subscribe on iTunes| Subscribe On Stitcher|Direct Download| RSS Folks wishing to engage directly with #TeamBlackness should direct their comments to the Original Post.