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So About Black Privilege...

So over at This Week in Blackness we talk a lot about white privilege. Hell, I did a video on it when TWiB! first started--but have you had your mind expanded to learn about black privilege?

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If you read these posts and you're thinking to yourself "Yeah! What's up with that Negroes?" Please don't say that out loud. Just come over and talk with us--perhaps listen to today's show--and we can explain why this is so completely

On today's #TWiBRadio we discuss what "black privilege" looks like on the black hand side, why there's never  too much penis in Washington, and President Obama's zingers at the White House Correspondent's dinner. Listen here:

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And on #amTWiB, political strategist L. Joy Williams and the morning crew of blackness (why are they 'of blackness?' Cause...well, um...your face.) discusses the Pennsylvania town where domestic abuse victims may face eviction, black voters turnout surpassing whites in 2012, and being on the brink of a cure for AIDS.

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