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Obama Sucks so Hard, Soldiers are Killing Themselves?

In 2012 suicide surpassed combat deaths in the U.S. military. While there have been multiple studies done on this tragic fact one man in a silly hat has done what those liberal scientist and mental health professionals are afraid to tell you.

But I'll tell you why more and more warrior heroes of the military are killing themselves: because they are in absolute frustration and heartbreak that their boss, their commander in chief violates the Constitution that he has made an oath to, while their hero warrior blood brothers are being blown to smithereens and blown up while executing their oath to the same Constitution that the president, the vice president and the attorney general violate. - Ted Nugent

Thanks a lot Obama! Soldiers have to deal with PTSD, depression and the grief of losing their fellow soldiers but what really pushes them over the edge is President Obama using our constitution like a $2 floozy. Ted Nugent should know because he was almost drafted in Vietnam.

On today's #TWiBRadiowe discuss Ted Nugent's facts, ESPN's Chris Broussard tells openly gay NBA player Jason Collins he's not a real Christian, and a Florida teen is expelled and arrested after a science experiment goes awry. Listen here:

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And on #amTWiB, political strategist L. Joy Williams and the morning crew take on the NYPD using Stop and Frisk to stop "lazy cops," Ireland's historic abortion legislation, and Mountain Dew's problematic goat commercials.

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