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McDonalds: SNAP is Better Than Raises

On the show last week, we discussed how major fast food companies rely on Federal assistance to keep their wages low (we had Jack Temple of the National Employment Law Project on the show to break down the details_. But little did we know that McDonalds was actively telling their employees to seek SNAP assistance and Medicaid to gain access to assistance for food and healthcare. One of the major planks of the Republican party platform is that we need to move the poor into jobs and off of welfare and so I'll just wait for the Congressional hearing about corporations stealing from American taxpayers any day now. Also on today's #TWiBRadio, #TeamBlackness discussed no twerking contracts, rebuking the spirit of everything from deafness to alcoholism, and lessons in how to avoid accidentally sending nude selfies. Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe On Stitcher | Direct Download | RSS This morning on #amTWiB, The Morning Crew discussed religious folks lying for money, the UC Davis pepper spray cop got a bigger settlement than his victims, and a Florida cop does something . . . nice? Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe On Stitcher | Direct Download | RSS (Cross-posted)