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McDonalds Has Their Hands in All of Our Pockets

Do you want to pay for billion dollar companies to make more money?

Of course not, but in a partnership study between the University of California at Berkeley’s Labor Center and the University of Illinois and another by the National Employment Law Project, we learned that we are, in fact, playing billions of dollar to support low-wage fast food workers for America's top seven restaurant chains. We were joined by writer and research analysis Jack Temple of the National Employment Law project who broke it down for us:

The low wages are forcing taxpayers to chip in to fund the profits of these companies. . . . In fact, if we want to save taxpayers money, we have to raise wages in the industry, we have to let the frontline workers form a union and bargain collectively for higher wages, and in the meantime we need to raise the minimum wage, that's how we demand that these companies, that are making billions of profits every year pay a living wage, and don't rely on the public safety net to help fund their profitable business model.


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