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I Prefer My Scandals with Kerry Washington

So all hell has broken loose, huh?

This is the Obama administration that we've been warned about for years. The deep rooted, treacherous executive branch headed by the socialist lying Negro has finally been unearthed. Benghazi, AP phone record subpoenas, IRS attacks! Why doesn't Barack H. Nixon just step down from his self-made throne and let America be free!

Or perhaps we could call shenanigans.

My stance is not that of an Obama-bot. I have covered politics these last few years and watched the constant search for the dark underbelly of our supposed illegitimate executive branch. As opposed to level-headed critiques of an administration that has had triumphs and missteps, we are subjected to conservative media's "wondering aloud" style news coverage (© Lizz Winstead) from virtually all spaces. We are subjected to perpetual Republican fear mongering and exasperated Democratic waffling all due to a deficiency of actual dialogue or acknowledgement of situations at hand. It’s easier to yell scandal repeatedly with no sense of the responsibility that comes with being members of the public sphere. We find ourselves waist deep in shit while never acknowledging who’s been taking dumps in our proverbial pool.

I grow weary of all of this.

Today on #TWiBRadio  it came to head. #TeamBlackness and I, all exhausted from the real and imagined shit storms discuss what all of this means, plus black-checking and Bill Maher, and the conservative radio host who blames sex education and liberals for a new (but not actually) strain of gonorrhea. Listen here:

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And on #amTWiB, political strategist L. Joy Williams and the morning crew discuss the increase of babies born addicted to prescription drugs, activists want Living Social to ban gun and alcohol package deals, and eating insects to stop world hunger.

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