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Does Surveillance Keep Us Safe?


As more information becomes known about Edward Snowden and the NSA information he leaked to the Guardian, the national conversation on domestic surveillance has reached a fever pitch. Despite the recent "hair on fire" exclamations from the Right and Left alike, we should remember: the U.S. has been enacting some form of domestic surveillance as early as 1919, it was not until the Patriot Act of 2001 that the issue has been a point of concern for average Americans. Now as a country when we feel uncomfortable with our idea of privacy being eroded we are ready to blame someone for allowing things to get so severe.

I would argue that while Obama has a role in this, and the American Congress has a role in this, and the American Media has a role in this, I also believe that there's some blame on the American people. The discussion about the Patriot Act has been happening for years and while some were upset -- they marched on Washington and yelled about this being wrong -- the majority of folks were not. If there's an issue now, part of this is that the American people have to take some blame for this.

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