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Discrimination Is Apparently Awesome

Listen folks--I don't know if you knew this but...
“The school discriminated against this teacher, yes they absolutely did and they should have,” Fischer said, “they were absolutely right to do it…. It is right to discriminate against people who engage in aberrant sexual behavior, we should discriminate against people like that.”
Logical. So logical! Gays are icky hence we have the right to be mean to them. Case closed.

On today's #TWiBRadio we tackle this bowl of magical nutty goodness plus an open letter to Michelle Obama about Beyonce's wayward nipples, and the amazing choose your own adventure and then get told why if you didn't agree with Dubya you're wronggame at the Bush Presidential Center. Take a listen here:

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And this morning on #amTWiB, The Morning Crew discusses ALEC's Mad Lib legislation being subsidized in South Dakota and Iowa, Oxford University releases research on human extinction and Jimmy McMillan is back and the rent is still too damn high.

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