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Because 'merica

Tomorrow our nation celebrates our independence from tyranny and oppression. In our humble beginnings, our great nation sought freedom from intolerance and our undeniable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In this spirit, we currently hold 166 detainees at Guantanamo Bay, of which 106 are currently on a hunger strike. Continuing our fine tradition of religious freedom, we are celebrating Ramadan by force-feeding our political prisoners detainees by after sundown. You know, out of respect. Of course there are four detainees that are suing saying that the force feedings unnecessary as 3 of their 4 clients drink enough liquid nutritional supplements to make the force feeding an unneeded trauma.  Lawyers representing  the 2 Algerian, Syrian and British Saudi detainees have released a statement from Syrian prisoner Nabil Hadjarab:
I do not want to die, but I am prepared to. ... I am doing this because I want to know my destiny, I cannot abide not knowing anymore.
Can you taste the FREEDOM? Also on today's #TWiBRadio, we discussed a 12-year-old girl kicked off of the football team for an awesome reason (17:00), crippling loan debt (45:00), and a look into modern music and why it's awful (01:30:00). Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe On Stitcher | Direct Download | RSS

And this morning on #amTWiB, L.Joy, Imani, and the rest of the #TheMorningCrew discussed bank strategies to saddle customers with fees (17:00) and a rhetorical approach to the pro-life/pro-choice debate (39:00).

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