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Did You Hear About North Korean Video? Probably Not, It’s Not About Israel

Crossposted on Tikkun Daily

By MJ Rosenberg

What is an Israel Firster? He or she is someone who puts the interests of Greater Israel above those of the United States, often demonstrating that by a zealousness about all things Israel that he does not apply to his own country.

Take this North Korean video.It was posted by the North Korean propaganda ministry and it depicts the nuclear bombing of New York by North Korea.

Is this story a big deal? Nope. And that is because it is only about a North Korean attack on America and not an Iranian attack on Israel. No matter that the North Korean regime is utterly insane and possesses nuclear weapons.

No matter that the Iranian regime is cautious, rather than off its rocker, and does not possess nuclear weapons.

No matter that the North Korean video threatens the United States and not a foreign country. No matter…because the reaction to the North Korean story is a big yawn.

Who cares?Imagine if the Iranian government did put out a video like this targeting Israel. The entire Israel First community would go nuts. AIPAC, the ADL, the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Council On Public Affairs. Schumer, Nadler, Commentary, Gillibrand, Jeff Goldberg, etc, etc, would be screaming to the heavens about the dire threat to our ally. New sanctions bill would be drafted by AIPAC and introduced by its cutouts. Krauthammer would tell us that it is 1942 and a second Holocaust looms.

Not in this case.

Because in this case the target is only New York and the would-be perpetrator is not a Muslim state.

So the lobby and its friends in Congress and the media don’t care. After all, it is just a cartoon. Except it would not be just a cartoon if it could be used to stoke war fever against Iran and Islamophobia or if it was about Tel Aviv and not New York.

Who said that Israel Firstism does not exist?

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